Father & Son Club

What are the Father-Son Clubs?

The Father-Son Club is open to fathers and their sons. It teaches the boys to become men of character.

They learn to overcome difficulties, to stick to a task until it is finished, to respect others, to aspire to higher ideals.

For the fathers, the club provides tools to help them educate their sons to be this sort of man.

Fathers are expected to attend the monthly meetings with their sons.

What are the goals for the boys?

  • To begin thinking about what kind of men they will be when they grow up
  • To learn about some fundamental virtues and how they can live them
  • To engage in fun yet manly activities where they can develop their character
  • To become friends with other boys who are developing their character

What are the goals for the fathers?

  • To have a chance to be with their sons in a fun atmosphere
  • To better understand and articulate the virtues and see how they can help their sons acquire them
  • To have more occasions for the conversations they want to have with their sons about deeper subjects
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SoCal Father & Son Clubs

Thousand Oaks Area

Tomas Fajardo


(805) 807-6725

Claremont Area

Francis Vergel de Dios


(951) 232-8327

San Diego Area

Jose Fuerte


(619) 944-0394

North Orange Area

Kraig St. Pierre


(714) 290-3131

Camarillo Area

Sam Bright


(859) 576-7975

South Orange Area

Dante Cinco


(858) 610-6275

Pasadena Area

Ashton Ellis


(818) 825-6933

NorCal Father & Son Clubs

North Bay, St. Helena Area

Alex Heil



Livermore Area

Angel Valenton


(925) 290-9898

East Bay, Walnut Creek, Concord Area

Aaron Schuchart


(925) 588-4489

Fresno Area

Dominc Dizon


(559) 824-9578

Menlo Park

Mike Kelleher


(510) 919-8175


Tim Desrochers


(916) 947-3306

OutCal Father & Son Clubs

Phoenix Area

Tom Mooney


(480) 205-6886

Seattle Area

Mike Kelleher


(510) 919-8175