Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Reading

Life of Christ

  1. The New Testament (The Holy Spirit)
  2. To Know Christ Jesus (Frank Sheed)
  3. Jesus of Nazareth – 3 volumes (Benedict XVI)
  4. Life of Christ (Fulton Sheen)
  5. The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Greatest Faith Ever Known (Fulton Ourlser)
  6. The Life of Christ (Giuseppe Ricciotti)
  7. Journey with Jesus (Letters of Alvaro del Portillo)
  8. The Public Life of our Lord Jesus Christ; The Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ; The Prince of Peace; The Risen Christ (Archbishop Goodier)
  9. The Sacred Passion (Luis de la Palma)
  10. Life of Christ (Fray Luis de Granada)
  11. The Life of Jesus Christ (Franz Michael William)

  Other books that draw people to Christ

  1.  As One More Character in the Scene [Como un personaje mas]
  2. Homilies of our Father, e.g., In Dialogue with the Lord; Growing on the Inside; Towards Holiness.
  3. The Friendship with Christ (Robert Hugh Benson)
  4. Jesus as Friend (SaIvatore CanaIs)
  5. God is Near Us (Joseph Ratzinger)
  6. This Tremendous Lover (Eugene Boylan)
  7. The Son of God (Karl Adam)
  8. Why the Cross (Edward Leen)
  9. The Sadness of Christ (Thomas More)
  10. Gethsemani (Javier Echevarria)
  11. On the Third Day (Georges Chevrot)
  12. The Mystery of Jesus Christ (Ocariz, et al)

 Books about or related to Sacred Scripture

  1. Scripture Matters (Scott Hahn). Other books by Scott Hahn?
  2. Understanding Sacred Scripture (The Didachae series)
  3. The Meaning of Sacred Scripture (Louis Bouyer)
  4. What is the Bible?; Jesus and his Times; Daily Life in the Time of Jesus (Henri Daniel-Rops)
  5. Explaining the Gospels (Wilfrid Harrington)
  6. Understanding the Gospels (Vicente Balaguer)

Books about Prayer

  1. Conversation with Christ (St. Theresa of Avila; Peter Thomas Rohrback)
  2. A School of Prayer (Benedict XVI)
  3. Time for God (Jacques Philippe)
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